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Popular Issues inundate our society. Sometimes they comprise the top news of the day, sometimes the weird and depraved side of life, sometimes crucial moral and ethical issues, sometimes fun and frivolous exploits -- However you define it, it's "Pop Culture" and it fills a huge part of all our lives. Check out some of these sites for a new look at these issues.

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  • Human Genetic Engineering: A hot issue: Time will tell how committed the United States will be regarding the absolute ban on human cloning.
  • Human Genome Project: Concise synopsis of its history, ultimate goal, and implications that suggests we should proceed wisely and cautiously with this knowledge.
  • Pro-Abortion: The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The current agenda. The current paradox. The definition of life.
  • Prayer in Public School: We provide accurate and historical information regarding the national tragedy of the elimination of prayer in our public school systems.
  • Shroud of Turin: Is this cloth authentic? Was it the cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ? What does the evidence show?
  • Pro-Choice Abortion: The history of a movement. The verdict of the Court. The Procedural Choices. The Health Risks. The definition of life.
  • Tarot Cards: What's in a deck? From gypsies to New Agers, here's the history, beliefs and methodology. Harmless fun or occultish practice?
  • Marilyn Manson: Discover the Shock Rocker's background, beliefs and philosophy. Find out his history and why he does what he does.
  • Partial Birth Abortion: Finding comfort in a huge myth. A letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal responding to the article.
  • Word Origin: Origins of words and phrases. A view of world history, cultural diversity and the current times. Phrases from the Bible.
  • Book of Revelation: What does the general public think about End Times prophecy in the Bible? What does the Bible say about today's events?
  • End Times: Wars, rumors of war, famines, pestilences, and earthquakes. The Bible reveals the many signs. Examine the record of recent of earthquakes.
  • Cloning Ethics: The Biblical view of a medical, philosophical and political issue. The relevant scripture and conclusions to make an informed choice.
  • Voice of The Martyrs: Discover how martyrdom shows compelling and dramatic evidence for the belief in Jesus Christ from the 1st century to today.
  • Nostradamus Prophecy: The background of this urban legend. Some examples of his so-called prophecies. Why do we care so much?
  • Noah's Ark: A feasibility study of the biblical story. The boat. The animals. The Flood. Check out the arguments and systematic research.
  • School Prayer: Darrell Scott, father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High School Shootings, testifies for prayer in our schools.
  • Teen Abortion: Parental notification and consent laws. The positions. The risks. The lasting effects. The miracle of the life inside you.
  • Mark of the Beast: This is no longer just a Bible prophecy in Revelation, it is now clearly a technological reality with the VeriChip.
  • Ten Commandments: They dictate absolute truth in how we should live our lives and raise our children. Should we consider removing them?
  • Prayer in Public School 2: The governing law and constitutional principles. Drawing the line of impermissible speech and protected expression. The case law and history.
  • Is Hell Real?: Is there a literal pit of fire where some people will spend eternity? If so, why did a loving God create such a place?
  • Prayer in School: A review of current case law and constitutional principles related to school prayer. When it's lawful to exercise religious expression
  • School Prayer Case Law: The case law history in the U.S. A legacy of First Amendment revision regarding school prayer and Bible reading.

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